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Minimise implements its disruptive No Capital Outlay financial model by utilizing the world’s most advanced technologies, resources and proven energy management tools. Drawing from ingenuity spanning the globe, Minimise provides its clients, small and large, public and private, with environmentally sensible bespoke energy solutions not only at zero cost but also with prepaid savings.



To deliver the best solution is not only to understand the problem but the impact it has on the individual, community or company.


Our ability to continually ask why, will allow us to dig deeper for more energy savings and better technology to enhance our offering.


"Give and you will get” We are the solution, not I. Without “US” I can not thrive. Together we can do anything.


We are merely doing the work we were intended to do. At times it can provide great rewards but the real reward comes from helping others and working to preserve our planet.




Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Badran is a lifelong entrepreneur and visionary who has a passion for life and giving. By creating Proper Public/Private Partnerships grounded in the transparency of monitored and verified energy usage.

Vianca Van Aswegen

Chief of Staff

Vianca works closely with the entire executive team and is a critical connector helping guide a diverse, global workforce while acting as the glue to ease communications and unite people in a global company that runs around the clock.

Larry Pasetti

Chief Operating Officer

With over 35 years of experience in the electrical & energy industry, Lawrence has owned & operated multiple businesses, led many acquisitions and mergers, and served on various regulatory boards. He holds certifications from several State & Local Agencies.


Chief Development Officer

Chiara is a multi-lingual, internationally published visionary leader with a deep understanding of energy, technology and behavior change. At Minimise, Chiara leads the organization in the area of technology architecture and strategic partnerships.

Dickran Guerguerian

Chief Investment Officer

A highly experienced Wall Street executive with an MBA from Columbia University and Accountancy and Engineering degrees from Georgia Tech, his experience in Financial Innovation helped develop the No Capital Outlay financial model.

Tim Breitbach

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim is an award-winning storyteller in advertising, film and television. He brings a maverick, industry-disrupting marketing approach to the organization, putting the focus on provocative, impactful content that opens minds and moves business.

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