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Founder Story

Minimise was founded by Daniel Badran, an entrepreneur who lost his ability to speak and needed something that could literally sell itself. As he regained his voice with incredible perseverance, he and his team also created the largest project of its kind in the world at Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa Florida.


Minimise delivers a disruptive model and sustainable solutions supported by expert resources, world-leading technologies, and proven energy management tools.

 At Minimise
we RI3SE.

our values

Values are the most valuable compass a company could ask for. It defines the very core existence and direction of any company; it is your DNA and lets the world know what your company stands for. It is the measure that should be used for staff, management, and business decision alignment. It is the foundation of a company culture and determines a joint mindset that either hinders development by being fixed or grows with a hunger for improvement, knowledge, and excellence.

Global companies, such as Minimise, ensured to create an inclusive culture, stemming from shared values, where people feel their interests are aligned with the company around a clear purpose.


For ourselves, the work that we do, and the people around us. 


Consistent and uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles.


Seeking innovative ideas and constantly improving to deliver our best.


Making our efforts matter to our company, people, and clients

Steward leadership

Lead through serving and be an example to others


Striving to deliver quality work to be proud of.

our leadership team

daniel badran

Daniel Badran is a lifelong entrepreneur and visionary who has a passion for life and giving. By creating Proper Public/Private Partnerships grounded in the transparency of monitored and verified energy usage.

Chief Development Officer

 Chiara is a multi-lingual, internationally published visionary leader with a deep understanding of energy, technology and behavior change. At Minimise USA, she will lead the organization in the areas of technology architecture and strategic partnerships.

Larry Pasetti
Chief Operating Officer

With over 35 years of experience in the electrical & energy industry, Lawrence has owned & operated multiple businesses, led many acquisitions and mergers, and served on various regulatory boards. He holds certifications from several State & Local Agencies.

Dickran Guerguerian
Chief Investment Officer

 An experienced Wall Street executive with an MBA from Columbia University and Accountancy and Engineering degrees from Georgia Tech, his experience in Financial Innovation helped develop the No Capital Outlay financial model.

Tim Breitbach
Chief Creative Officer

 Tim is an award-winning storyteller in advertising, film and television. He brings a maverick, industry-disrupting marketing approach to the organization, putting the focus on provocative, impactful content that opens minds and moves business.


Minimise Global is committed to providing quality service to our clients while minimizing the impact any activities will have on the environment. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business and will continually improve our performance to ensure that the protection of the environment and humans are a key consideration. Minimise’ guiding principles are:

Compliance: we will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits, and other environmental requirements.
Minimise: reduce toxic emissions and all types of waste by evaluating the environmental performance of our operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

Safety: dispose of any waste in a reasonably and responsibly.

Communication: we will communicate our commitment to the environmental protection to our employees, suppliers, and clients.

Continuous improvement: we will continuously search for opportunities to improve our understanding and adherence to these principles. Our global locations and map have moved to their own page.