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Who is Minimise?

Minimise Global is an Energy Management and Conservation Services Company that specializes in Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS); industry-disrupting financial solutions that both enable large communities and organizations to upgrade their efficiency at no cost, but also democratized the ability, for example, of smaller school districts and municipalities to get the same level of expertise, technology, and upgrades.

Leaving no stone unturned, Minimise has also created a program specifically designed to get utility and energy companies into the game to reduce carbon and save energy.

Global Perspective

Minimise used the COVID-19 period to go from a US-based company to a global organization with partners and offices in Canada, Mexico, SE Asia, Dubai, and South Africa. Minimise engineers projects with insight and experience, from all over the globe. Having secured major financing/funding for the projects has put Minimise in a prime position as an ideal partner to implement 30-year goals in just three years to fight the climate battle.


Funding. Energy Efficiency. Data. Client Engagement.

We break our solutions into three categories, but the end result is a blend of all three. Every project needs some level of funding. Every project implements energy efficiency measures and upgrades. Every project mines incredibly valuable data at the asset level to provide both big picture trending and extremely specific insight to save energy at every source.

DOE Approved

As a member of the Department of Energy’s Better Building Challenge Financial Ally program, Minimise has committed $250mm+ in the near term to energy efficiency projects. That figure, however, could be considered the bottom end of where the potential funding can go. If the waste is there (which it is everywhere) the money to fix it with Minimise is readily available.


Community Outreach, Education and Philanthropy

What sets Minimise USA apart is the depth of commitment to our clients. Nowhere is this more evident than in education and outreach. From philanthropy to curriculum to scholarships, our goal is not to be just a good vendor but set a model for public/private partnership.