The NCOPA uses existing wasted energy to fund new energy efficiency measures which reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions, and create a pathway to sustainability. The NCOPA is unique to the market in a variety of ways.

This is a financial model that removes all barriers to maximum energy efficiency through auditing, measuring, and verifying with international protocols (IPMVP) at no cost to the client.

Using the Minimise energy monitoring platform the NCOPA model makes the previously invisible energy/utility usage visible. Through innovative technology solutions, the model captures the existing energy/utility waste, and converts it to a savings currency, ultimately justifying the capital expenditures for the project.

The NCOPA allows a portion of these savings can be prepaid and given back to the organization for indiscriminate use.

Because the NCOPA leverages payments from existing utility bills through efficiency savings it is not shown as a debt on the client’s books.


As is universally known, Minimise prides itself on solutions that result in no capital outlay, no debt and unrestricted upfront funds. All of which have been met very positively by Minimise clients who have financial constraints or little to no funding at all.

Realizing that some of our clients do not have such constraints led us to developing MVP to better direct available funds/budgeted line items towards meeting energy efficiency targets and goals whilst garnering the strongest ROI. MVP features shorter contract terms as well as the ability to upgrade to the NCOPA, the no-cost program. This can help you get into an energy efficiency program immediately and see the results in the short term before committing to the greater energy strategies for the long term.

The MVP model has the following benefits:

Access to specialists and leveraging expertise to design, develop, and implement your project.

Minimise will provide in-depth due diligence and financial analyses along with ongoing performance insurance of those calculations.

Minimise will install monitoring equipment down to the asset level, which will provide you with visibility and reporting on an ongoing basis.


UP is the acronym for Utility Partnership, enabling a utility provider to truly partner with its clients, whether it is large-scale commercial clients or public entities in developing energy efficiency projects together.

UP has the following benefits:

Strategic play, the utility can offset and, or hedge loss, revenue and profits from energy efficiency projects.

Utilities can take credit for your energy mandates for the environmental and sustainability impact of these projects.

Utilities suddenly have access to a wealth of data and analytics down to the asset level. This information can be extremely helpful to better understanding clients and developing programs for them.

These are just three of the many benefits, please download the PDF below to get a more detailed picture.


For the public sector, Minimise is part of several purchasing cooperatives representing nearly all 50 states.


Minimise is a Department of Energy Financial Ally in the Better Buildings Challenge initiative. Together with other financial institutions, ESCOs, suppliers, and energy providers, Minimise has pledged a substantial amount of money towards energy efficiency upgrades for buildings and campuses in both the private and public sectors.

Visit our listing on the program’s official website below:

Smart contracts

The 5 Cs of Credit refer to Character, Capacity, Collateral, Capital, and Conditions.

Minimise specializes in no-cost solutions at its core. To be able to do that on behalf of a company or client, we eliminated three of the C’s and kept two: character (credit quality) and capacity to pay.

That means that our funders are likely to reject any project where the customer is less than investment grade, i.e., AAA or AA rated for our NO COST Capital.

However, to allow customers with less than favorable credit to enjoy our NCOPA program and prepaid savings, we strive to make them fundable by improving one of the C’s: the capacity to pay.

This is accomplished with our box. Our box can divert solar energy from our solar panels, and it is sold to the utility or to a micro-grid in the community and therefore guarantee that some level, if not all the Guaranteed Monthly Payment (GMP) can be paid when the client for some reason does not pay.

This enhances the capacity to pay to allow the client to qualify with our funding entity. It essentially inserts the credit profile of the utility company or the customers on the micro-grid along with that of our client.

FinTech automates this process. The client makes payment through our private Blockchain, and the transaction is recorded. Our box then checks the Blockchain to confirm payment and if payment is not made the box communicates with the building management system (BMS) and instructs the IoT switches to divert the solar energy.

All of this is an automated self-enforcing contract known as a “smart contract.”