Raw data is at the very core of what Minimise delivers. It is at the very heart of how waste is identified. It is at the very heart of how savings are delivered. It is at the very heart of how your carbon emissions are reduced. By the very nature of our partnership, all of this new data is yours from smart metering.


Conclusions drawn from interpreting the data by our energy engineers turn that raw data into actionable items that can be deployed with energy-saving solutions. Using that base level allows for visibility that can quickly reduce power output.


More creative solutions use insight and experience combined with the data to make an organizational change in energy efficiency and behavior. These are bigger trends and macro solutions about how the organization uses power and helps implement programs client-wide to bring about positive change.


Novel solutions are created constantly in the marketplace. It is a space race of technology out there. Mimimise stays on top of these innovations and how to build them into your master energy plan.

Big Data

There is massive value in all of the above. These metrics of information and analytics can be sliced and diced in millions of ways to understand behavior.