The Importance of “Coming Together” When Your Corporate Goals Have a Bigger Mission.

Fighting the good fight can seem like a lonely endeavor during the pandemic.

Our fight at Minimise Global is literally to help companies and communities of every kind all over the world efficiently and effectively reach carbon reduction and energy savings goals. But when the world is catapulted into disarray and decisions get shelved “”until further notice” it can feel like “you against the world” literally and figuratively.

Last week, some of us were able to attend the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings/Better Plants Summit as an official Financial Ally.

That means we are one of about 50 financial institutions that has pledged a significant portion of dollars to fund energy efficiency measures. Minimise committed $250mm to be exact. But we hope it’s just the tip of the iceberg because there is no limit to the amount we can invest.

There were 500+ in attendance at a nondescript hotel alongside the Pentagon. Everyone was eager to make connections, eager to understand the business better and eager to get substantial movement and momentum in reaching our collective energy goals. Everyone was in it to win it. Together.

Competitors were sharing best practices. This is bigger than any one company’s success. There is so much work to do there is room for everyone’s success. That’s why it feels like a mission. The two key speakers from the Department of Energy and the President’s Cabinet did something that sometimes is so simple, yet so needed – they thanked us.

Jennifer Granholm, the Secretary of the Department of Energy, spoke and highlighted the accomplishments so far.The group assembled has made significant advancements. But also highlighted the need for energy independence with the war raging in Eastern Europe. In many ways, it felt like a call to arms. Nothing political, just practical.

On the subject of Climate Policy, Gina McCarthy, special advisor to the President, was in person and was both a commanding presence and a wonderfully entertaining speaker. A true veteran who has had to rally people to come together for her lifetime.

One of the biggest highlights was making a connection with MaryBeth Yannessa. Her company is Refrigerated Technologies but her work with the DOE and it’s various committees and accelerators spans a decade. She was introduced to Kosh Samuel and me by Scott Graham another member of our team based in Texas. Her experience, insight and entrepreneurship was a delight to share throughout each session of the conference. A “proper” partnership in the making for sure.

At the end of the day, it sure felt amazing to get off of a zoom and into a room.

That said, we have $250mm ready to role out and dole out to energy saving projects ASAP. And after this week, I can definitely say, we’re on a mission to do so.


Tim Breitbach

Chief Marketing Officer