Personally, the number of those affected by cancer in my own family tree, became startlingly high: mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins and friends (whom I consider family). This got me really thinking about how this heinous evil, that is cancer, grows so quickly and how its rapid momentum can destroy a family if not stood-up-to en masse. That alone, grounded me into thinking that every day matters ─ time is of the essence.

Our company has solved a big riddle: How to positively impact the climate with energy-efficiency and renewables in a way that cities, institutions and schools can embrace immediately, regardless of their financial ability?

You don’t make them pay for it.

“No time to feel sorry – This beautiful young man made me thankful for the many years I enjoyed before I went through my battles. We met at Hospital Nacional de Niños in San Jose Costa Rica in 2014. His smile has helped sustain mine since…”

The answer is creating a new way to fund it so that the users have no reason to say no. We called it NCOPA or No Capital Outlay Plan Agreement. This type of thinking is now disrupting our industry. It sounds too good to be true, but believe me, it is real. So much so, that there is even a TV series about it premiering this Fall.

Here is the trailer; I would love to hear what you think.

Our environmental stewardship, or lack of in many cases, is a lot like cancer; it spreads in ways we can’t predict and many times solutions are almost as painful as the disease itself. However, this one isn’t. I urge you to stand up today for the sake of changing the game of waste and poor stewardship, just as we are with cancer. And, if you have had cancer in your family, have battled it yourself, or if you are battling right now, please know that I am right beside you─ battling with you and for you every day.