As I walked the floor I realized that every single other vendor needed the client to spend more money for their business model. That’s not a bad thing, it’s capitalism.

Our plan, the NCOPA, or No Capital Outlay Plan Agreement, not only doesn’t require any capital outlay from the client, it has one very important extra feature – Pre–Paid Savings.

Hence, the more we save (by putting our money where our mouth is) the more the district gets back and, of course, the more money gets to flow back into other much needed and often underfunded programs district-wide. This also made me think on how those vendors could benefit from that extra savings. Whether they manage money, pension funds, provide insurance or payroll services, or handle teacher staffing…that extra money is critical for all in the room because it generates new opportunities for the district and new revenue for the vendors.

With HCPS we not only pre-paid their savings but also anchored in a partnership to give better learning environments for the students through efficient LED lighting, HVAC, Solar and bespoke IoT innovation from around the globe.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that the more we give today, the brighter the future of our youth will be!