Risk and Reward

When I first met Ante Razmilovic we were able to share a common love of yachting in the San Francisco Bay. His being on a vessel and being a World Championship competing yachtsman and mine, sitting in Scoma’s in Sausalito, drinking a Bloody Mary while watching the majestic sailing yachts knife through the water, propelled by the wind and guile of the crew. With me being an ad guy and he a financier, we both had lines of work filled with a lot of risk and reward. Here is a quick interview with Ante regarding his relationship with Minimise.

Tim: What is RSF?

Ante: RSF Capital Partners LLP (“RSF”) is an independent financial advisory boutique based in London. The firm is led by founding partners Ante Razmilovic and James Spooner, former colleagues at Goldman Sachs. We provide innovative growth financing and investment solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, project owners, sponsors and institutional investors with a focus on private capital markets. The firm differentiates itself from competition by targeting niche markets and offering services at an earlier stage with a flexible co-sponsorship approach. The team only works on a handful of projects at any time with a high degree of senior level interaction with its clients and partners.

Tim: What appealed to you about Minimise Global and its approach to the energy market?

Ante: The bankability of the approach. With the combination of precise energy monitoring and the stringent IPMVP protocols, all of a sudden a market that had been highlighted by volatility, becomes very predictable. And with the No Capital Outlay Plan Agreement, you have an approach that is friendly to the client, to Minimise, and to the banks. So a lot of risk has been removed.

Tim: Currently what is the relationship with Minimise?

Ante: RSF acts as exclusive financial advisor and co-sponsor on developing and financing their project pipeline; providing strategic support for business development and commercial matters. RSF arranged a USD 400mm financing facility for an energy efficiency retrofit for a building portfolio of one of Florida’s largest school districts.

Tim: What excites you most about the Minimise relationship?

Ante: For several reasons. First, the model is still unique and there are natural barriers to other people getting into it. In fact, some people that would normally seem to be competitors have become partners, and we are talking about global companies here. Second, we have been able to cultivate relationships with global banking entities that all see the scope of opportunity. In that, we arranged a $400 million dollar financing facility for them. Third, they are earning state level contracts that gives them a robust, near-term pipeline.

Best regards

Tim Breitbach


Tim Breitbach is a veteran advertising, marketing and entertainment executive. He has won awards at every stop including ADDYs, EMMYs, Sundance Awards, and NAACP Image Awards as a writer, director and producer. He has developed and produced over 25 non-fiction television shows, including Disruption, Inc., about the start of Minimise USA and its industry-disrupting entrance to the energy efficiency market.