It is easy to play the blame game in Texas right now. But if you put politics aside, which we do every day, this is a global problem, not just a Texas one. And I am not referring to climate change or melting ice caps. I am talking about the pushing off of infrastructure upgrades because there is always something seemingly more important or more pressing – A classic case of putting off until tomorrow what should be done today!

At Minimise Global, we offer energy efficiency upgrades at zero cost. There is never a loan and never a lease.. Included in that is best in class products to do so because we are focused on saving energy. The current wasted energy becomes a currency with which we invest in your company, district, municipality, etc. You save energy, get total upgrades, reduce carbon, and take a giant leap in terms of safeguarding your power for the long hall.

So instead of casting the first stone, let us look at 24 months of energy bills. With those and some simple, yet state of the art, real-time monitoring we can tell you what you will save and what you will earn.

In Texas, the cost of doing nothing has become a tragedy. But it does not have to be for you. Our No Capital Outlay Plan Agreement (pronounced en-coe-pah) is an industry redefining financial model supported by major US and European banks as well as key, global energy partners.

Let us help you today, there is 100% no risk. If we find the potential savings, we project you are going to find yourselves in an ideal situation. Because there is so much waste, to date, we have never not found the savings available. Do today what needs done today – everyone wins!

Thank you for your time and God Bless,

Daniel Badran