The core truth of the Minimise brand is give and you will get. That is also true for our Brand Ambassador program

We want people to get the word out in their communities, to your school boards, to your business associates about what we offer and how we can all help make the world a better place at no cost. Promoting the brand can happen on lots of different levels. From following us on social media to sharing our ideas across all your platforms to becoming an official promoter of the brand with gear, giveaways, invitations to events and much, much more.
If you have an organization or non-profit that you feel has synergy with Minimise throughout the state of Florida, click here.
If you are a student at a high school or university in Florida and you want to spread the word through events, screenings and events, click here.
If you are interested in screening episodes of the docu-series Disruption Inc for your class, organization or group, please request a screening time here.
We will do our best to accommodate and have a representative present for a Q&A. click here.